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Drew Peterson sentenced to 38 years for murder

Chicago TribuneFormer suburban Chicago police officer Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the 2004 murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Peterson had faced as much as 60 years, but Judge Edward Burmila said he gave Peterson some consideration for his years as a police officer and his service in the military.

The sentence was handed down after Peterson, who did not testify at this trial, made an emotional appeal to the judge, at times appearing to choke up.

Peterson began by telling the judge, “Good day, my name is Drew Peterson. I hope I don’t aggravate the situation here, but I have a lot of things to be said.” Then he screamed, “I did not kill Kathleen!”

Earlier today, the judge denied a defense request to grant Peterson a retrial.

Photo: Kathleen Savio and Drew Peterson. (Chicago Tribune files)



And I say yay because I was friends with Stacy and they’re never going to find her and this fucker deserves to be slowly eaten by plague-infested rats.

Visiting my sister. We went downtown yesterday. There must be a ship in town because there were navy boys EVERYWHERE. They even had the little hats and peacoats. KILL ME.

I wanted to make a sign that said “free hugs to navy boys” but she wouldn’t let me.

She’s no fun.

Listening to a documentary on msnbc NBCnews about Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois. Actually, it’s located outside of city limits, but close enough.

This documentary talks about Stateville’s reputation for violence, gang and drug activity. It goes on to mention that some of Chicago’s, nay, Illinois’s, nay, the country’s most violent offenders have been housed there. John Wayne Gacy was executed there in…1994, I think.

Fun fact„ which surely won’t be mentioned in this documentary: The high school I graduated from is, oh, about a mile up the road. We had bars on our windows. We had lockdowns, when the prisoners would riot, or god forbid, escape, before Columbine was an inkling to those boys.

The most fun fact of all? The city-sanctioned, very well-known haunted house (named after said correctional facility) was in a cornfield across the street from the prison.


Empire State Building, New York City

These sorts of images make me rethink my stance on New York City.

But then I remember I could never afford to live in this spot and see this view. 

And besides, there’s this:

Chicago at night

Nothing you can do will convince me there’s a prettier city in the world than Chicago.

(via urbanehood)


1) They have great water (Lake Michigan water, eff yeah!), especially compared to mine.

2) I always have to duck in the shower because the shower head is so low. But it’s ok because squats!

1) If I could hurt myself today, I did. I punched the elevator door (not on purpose,) I dropped things, I tripped over things and at one point there was inadvertent tape involved.


3) I’m visiting good people and I’m happy. I always hate the driving part, but I love being here.

4) It’s very warm and I disagree with this.

5) I’ve been up for 20 hours now. Woo! Time for bed.

6) I got to talk to friends for a long time today. Friends make me happy.

7) All in all, it was a good day. I hope yours was, too.

8) This one is because I don’t like odd numbers.

I miss Chicago. Not necessarily because of any supposed convenience because I have that here. But the city has a completely different vibe than this one, and I miss it.

I’ve been waffling about moving back for a (long) while but never really made the commitment.

Made that commitment this week and I’m starting the steps to get there.

Step 1) Find a job

So…anyone need a PR person?

  • Friend: Will I be run out of town if I dont want the pickle?
  • Me: Take the pickle. Take it off later and hide it.
  • Friend: lol...okay