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There is huge thundersnow happening right now.

I can’t WAIT to make snow angels.


In what world is this necessary?

Yesterday, my boss was trying hard to push tickets on me for Obama’s rally in Cedar Rapids today. Me, being the ridiculously responsible nincompoop I am, said no. I made commitments for today (Tuesday) and I should be responsible and honor those commitments. I leave work, feeling pretty good about myself.

Cue today, with me coming in to an email from my boss stating that she was going to use the tickets after all and go, because chance of a lifetime, etc, and would be gone all day. It’s currently 2 p.m. and she hasn’t arrived at the office yet.

However, she did email to say that she was about eight feet from Mr. Obama, made eye contact several times and shook his hand.

Tell me again why I had to be so damn responsible?

(Note: I don’t give two figs about your status or creed. If he’s the president of your country, you respect him. Period.)

Look! 80s! Someday…

I just, I mean, really?

I’ve been sat here all day, trying to figure out why June 11 is significant. Birthday I can’t remember? No…June 12 is significant, but not the 11th… 

And then I remembered! Four years ago on June 11, this happened:

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Presented, without comment. #iowa (Taken with instagram)

First full day of summer for local schools.

First day of meteorological summer.

And the wind chill is in the 30s.

I love the Midwest.

#iowa (Taken with instagram)