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When there are tornadoes in the East or West:

When there’s snow, tornadoes, inland hurricanes, basically any kind of weather in the Midwest:



In what world is this necessary?

I ran in a half marathon today. Preeeeetty sure I’m on fire on the inside.
Seriously, I hate summer.

Look! 80s! Someday…

I just, I mean, really?

First full day of summer for local schools.

First day of meteorological summer.

And the wind chill is in the 30s.

I love the Midwest.

Prince Charles reads the BBC Scotland weather forecast (by itnnews)

Because it makes me giggle.

"Who the hell wrote this script?"

I love my state. They’re warning people to stay inside and wait for the warning to end before they start taking damage pictures and sending them in.

REALLY? Because it’s April. #weather (Taken with instagram)